Type 3 Hair

How to use serum with 3 hair type:

  1. Shampoo and condition hair 
  2. Wash products out throughly 
  3. Pump serum into your hands and rub both hands together. ( Use your own discretion with the amount of pumps you use, try two- three pumps first)
  4. Apply to the hair starting from the ends and going upward
  5. Try to avoid the roots as you don't want roots to appear greasy
  6. (Optional) Apply any other gels or creams you normally use
  7. Start scrunching your hair to boost the curl definition 
  8. Optional Diffuse hair to speed up the drying process 
  9. or Air dry
  10. (Optional) Once fully dry, apply a few more pumps of serum and scrunch making sure not to disrupt the curls.
  11. Give your hair a shake and VOILA, you'll have gorgeous, shiny, bouncy, healthy looking great smelling curls  

Tips  and hacks

  • When brushing hair always brush gently through tangles 
  • When combing or brushing always start at the ends first,  then  proceed to comb or brush through the rest pf your hair.(DO NOT bush and comb from root too ends.)
  • If you dont feel like applying serum with your hand apply serum to your brush to apply the serum evenly.

Type 3A

  • Well defined springy curls 
  • Their circumference is the size of a side walk chalk 
  • loopy, “S” shaped pattern
  • Fine to medium to texture 
  • Lots of body and movement 
  • Prone to frizzy or dryness 

 Type 3B

  • Well-defined, spiral curls that range from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews
  • Their circumference is the size of a large marker
  • Fine to medium texture 
  • Lots of Body and movement 
  • Prone to frizzy and dryness 


Type 3C


  • Type 3C hair has tight curls in a corkscrew shape. 
  • Tighter curls than 3A and 3B  typically the size of a pencil of straw in circumference 
  • Lots of strands packed together tightly 
  • Fine to medium texture 
  • Prone to tangles, dryness and frizz