Types 1 & 2 Hair

How to use serum with 1-2 hair type.

  1. Shampoo and condition your hair  
  2. Wash out thoroughly
  3. Pump serum into your hands and rub both hands together. ( Use your own discretion with the amount of pumps you use, try one pump first)
  4. Apply to the hair starting from the ends and going upward. 
  5. Try to avoid the roots as you don't want roots to appear greasy
  6.  (Optional) Blow dry to ensure your hair is dry and you'll have voila silky, gorgeous, healthy looking,  great smelling hair!

Tips  and hacks

  • When brushing hair always brush gently through tangles 
  • When combing and brushing always start at the ends first then the rest pf your hair.(DO NOT bush and comb from root to ends.)
  • If you dont feel like applying serum with your hand apply serum to your brush and use that to apply the serum evenly.

Type 1A 


  • Type 1a hair is 100% straight  and flat
  • There is no curl pattern or wave. 
  • Does not hold a curl
  • It's thin, soft and  extremely fine 
  • It's easy to manage but often needs a lift at the root.


 Type 1B


  • Not Completely flat and had more body than 1A
  • It's distinguished by it's ability to hold a curl 
  • The ends of 1B tend to curl under vs being completely straight 
  • Oils travel easier from root to tip leaving hair strands looking shiny Not Greasy
  • Soft Shiny and sleek

Type 1C

  • Straight hair but thick 
  • It's just like 1B but has more waves
  • Lightweight serums like "La Beach Tiare" help to manage Frizz and create definition

Type 2A 


  • Slight S pattern 
  • Fine and barely tousled 
  • Easy to straighten 
  • Medium thickness

Type 2B

  • Flat at the crown of you head 
  • S pattern waves start mid way down the hair shaft
  • Resembles Loose beach waves 

Type 2C

  • Defined waves that start at the root 
  • Thicker and coarser than the rest of the 2's 
  • Loose spiral curl or S shape 
  • More prone to frizz- perfect for Hair serum ;)