Using Hair Perfume Is The Trend You Need To Join!

You will turn heads wherever you go! 

By Andrea Thompson

December 16, 2021 4:36  am Mountain Standard Time 

A lot of trends have come and gone this year but hair perfume is one that looks like it's here to stay!

A few months ago, I went to a party and literally every guy there kept coming up to me wanting to talk to me. I normally get attention but that day was different. It was like the guys were magnetically drawn to me.

My Uber driver complemented my scent. But the funny thing about it is, I hadn't spayed any perfume on my body, just my hair. Then it dawned on me this must be why all this guys are magically attracted to me, it's the sent in my hair! 

Normally when I wear perfume on my skin, the scent tends to fade quickly. That day I sprayed the perfume on my hair and it seemed to retain the scent way longer. Also, since the fragrance was sprayed on my head which is closer to where the nose is, it was easier for men to get a whiff of my aroma. 

It was quite interesting. One guy went as far as to say "You smell so good, I don't want to walk away". Once I heard that, I was convinced that I had unlocked the code to some sort of secret level of "Woman Superpower" that only a few women are privy too. 

They say "Scent is the strongest memory trigger" and if that's the case, then should always be trying to use it to our advantage. When attracting a partner,  having a memorable scent should be your first course of action. 

Benefits of wearing a hair perfume by Beach Seven Hair vs other brands: 

  • The amazing Smell of Course
  • Adds Shine 
  • Provides Nourishment
  • Our Naturally, derived ingredients penetrate to help moisturize each individual hair strand
  • It's Packed with the finest Organic Botanical Extracts, hand-picked for their well-known ability to nourish, moisturize and protect your hair.
  • THE SMELL, It smells so amazing we had to add it twice! 

 One thing Iv'e noticed about other hair perfumes is they only provide scent and have no other value. With Beach Seven Hair , hair perfume it provides a long list of organic extracts that actually contribute to the health of your hair. And hey if your hair is going to smell amazing it may as well be healthy to right?


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